Who We Are

Have you ever wished you had the support services previously available only at large firms without sacrificing your autonomy as a solo or a small firm?  Now you can.  Law Offices at 61 Commerce is an innovative, first of its kind, destination location for sole practitioners and small law firms.  Nowhere else will you find the facilities and service offerings that are provided at the Law Offices at 61 Commerce.  Visionary in its concept, Law Offices at 61 Commerce merges a shared office environment concept with professional management services to provide attorneys not only with office space, but also with billing and accounting support, computer hardware and network administration, telephone and receptionist service, conference rooms, copiers, break room, office supplies and utilities. 

What We Do

Combined with professional business services delivered by ProLegal Systems, The Law Offices at 61 Commerce is a turnkey program designed for sole practitioners or small law groups to access quality commercial office space in downtown Grand Rapids and benefit from the professional services and resources not commonly available to sole practitioners and small groups.

Our solutions are customized to the unique business needs of a sole practitioner or small group and designed for you to plug in and start working. Our system includes:

  • Furnished office space
  • Facilities management
  • Professional reception
  • Billing and accounting support
  • Legal administrative support
  • Kitchen amenities
  • Dedicated phone/fax lines
  • Desktop computer
  • Conference facilities for small groups
Integrated Services

  • Office Space and Support (link to separate page that describes service)
  • Revenue Cycle Administration (link to separate page that describes service)
  • Information Technology (IT) Management (link to separate page that describes service)

Custom Pricing

This all-inclusive support program is designed to meet all your professional business needs.  Pricing for these services is developed exclusively based upon your needs and payable monthly with one-year terms.  Contact us today to set up an appointment, review your service needs and receive a detailed quote.


Legal Office Space


Office Space & Administrative Support


Our team of business professionals has excelled at providing management service and guidance to those in professional services. We support each business area including finance, operations, facilities, marketing, human resources and IT.


You are provided a business, fax and direct dial line and receive professional, personalized call answering of your business line by our reception team. Our system includes call screening where your calls are announced so you may decide whether to accept it. Automated voice messaging service is also provided for calls received after hours.

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From security to cleaning, there are multiple suppliers that service the offices at 61 Commerce. We manage all of them for you. Our on-site team will quickly resolve maintenance issues and our monthly price includes all utilities and basic office supplies. Benefit from our leveraged purchasing ability when you require special orders.


Our kitchen is stocked with beverages available to you and your guests. Hosting a larger group? We can set up the facility and order food and beverage based on your request.


At no additional cost, we provide the option to meet in our facility using one of our several conference areas seating up to 40 individuals, or connect you via our web conferencing service to your clients or peers throughout the world.


Our courteous and experienced mail room team helps you coordinate all of your mail and shipping needs.

Revenue Cycle Administration


Revenue Cycle Administration

In conjunction with providing quality legal guidance and service to your clients, managing your revenue cycle is the most critical aspect of any business. Our program is designed to help you effectively track your time and work product. ProLegal’s revenue cycle administration is an integrated service that helps you automate the practice of billing and collection activity through our professional support. With our services, you spend less time performing and managing administrative tasks and more time serving clients or enjoying quality work‐life balance. To help you get up and running efficiently, our dedicated professionals coordinate an effective and standardized billing process tailored to fit the needs of sole practitioners:
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  • Reporting your time/ work product: You document your work details and charges in our billing system to allow for precise and accurate billing. After billing, we convert the details to actionable reports and graphic dashboards within our billing software recapping your current performance versus expectations and evaluate proactively the ability to make improvements.
  • Get your bills out the door: We invoice on your timing, as often as feasible to support premium cash flow. We create a preview of all client invoices that is efficient and timely for your review. Upon your approval, ProLegal generates and submits client invoices. Our current invoicing platform supports electronic, LEDES, paper and plain text invoice transmission and supports alternative billing arrangements.
  • Stay on top of accounts receivable (AR): You maintain guidance and design the policy for the collection process as it relates to your clients. We implement the customized solution for you with the objective of maximizing receivables and decreasing the time in AR. The result is a client interaction that would replicate your own, saving you time and energy.
  • Quality internal reporting We help to measure profitability, key operating metrics and project future financial performance. We can also develop specific reporting through a variety of dashboard and other automated reporting methods that reach you as often as necessary. Where necessary, our team provides actionable recommendations for you based upon proven best practices, allowing you to intelligently and proactively manage your business. We give you all of the detail to make quick and informed decisions necessary to addressing your business concerns.

Accounts Payable Administration:

You determine the process to control the flow of cash without spending unnecessary time administrating the function. Using our check and balance system, payments are prepared and recorded by our team; you then confirm the transactions and decide how to distribute the payments. You decide whether you retain the ownership of signing and distributing the checks or if ProLegal acts on your behalf to submit payments.

Optional General Ledger Accounting:

Partner with ProLegal to perform this critical function of the revenue cycle which includes all of your financial information recorded, updated in real time and available for your review with monthly banking reconciliations and financial statements. Because ProLegal does not offer tax preparation as a service, our system allows for easy sharing of your information to your tax professional.

Information Technology Services


Information Technology

Our professionals understand how each IT interaction is meant to support efficient workflow and propel your business. Our team combines the proper education and professional experience to deliver productive workflow to you. The result is a practice that is more efficient and productive. By design, we are very proactive in our systems development and support, which leads to less crisis management and workflow interruption.

There are often a variety of approaches that when implemented will fit your practice’s unique needs. We implement a standardized IT platform that will effectively integrate with your current or future technology needs including front and back office practice management software, communications systems, and tools which produce effective remote accessibility for you and your clients.
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You are supported by an enterprise-class IT team, infrastructure and connectivity network. We include the following with our service:

  • High speed bandwidth and seamless connectivity to our LAN network.
  • Infrastructure supported by a fully maintained, air-conditioned server room.
  • Dedicated and secure server space protected with an enterprise-class firewall.
  • Virtual, remote access to your data and applications 24/7.
  • Networked use of all copiers, scanners and printers located in the building.

Ongoing professional guidance to integrate your practice with the proper IT systems and tools which optimize efficiency and productivity

The Law Offices at 61 Commerce

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